Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System Review

Waterdrop G3 RO System
Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

The Waterdrop G3 is a powerful NSF-certified undersink reverse osmosis system that provides excellent features, a sleek compact design, and lots of clean pure water for you and your family.

The seven stages include a sediment pre-filter containing three stages, a carbon post-filter, and a 0.0001μm RO membrane that effectively removes 99% of all harmful substances with three internal stages.

There are three big features that set the Waterdrop apart from competing systems:

Tankless design

While most undersink systems rely on a pressurized storage tank to hold filtered water, the Waterdrop filters the water on demand and without a tank.  This means that it will keep producing when other systems will slow down to refill the tank.

5x the daily output

With an internal pump and no storage tank, this system can produce up to 400 GPD (gallons per day) of filtered water compared to just 75 GPD from competing systems.

Real-time feedback on the quality of your water

When in use, an LCD ring on the faucet glows with different colors to show you the status of the filters.

At the same time, the front LCD panel on the filtration system reports the current TDS (total dissolved solids) level of the filtered water in real time.  Any other system would need a 3rd party TDS meter to get the same information on water quality.

When you consider that the Waterdrop G3 takes up less space, produces more purified water, and gives better feedback than any other system, it should be near the top of your list!

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System Design

The Waterdrop RO G3 has seven stages of filtration.  They include:

  • Three stages in the pre-filter
  • Three stages in the RO filter, which is nearly 3x larger than most other brand’s RO filters
  • One stage in the final carbon filter

While most competing systems are designed to allow for easy access of all internal system parts, Waterdrop has designed their entire system inside of a slim case (just 5.7” wide).  While a case does not affect the function, it does make for a system that looks nice and sits up tall under the sink instead of requiring screws to mount it to a wall.

Waterdrop G3 RO System Diagram

All of the tubes and wires connect to well-marked ports on the back of the case.

Since it is tankless, the Waterdrop G3 system takes up about 50% less space than competing systems.  If you don’t want an RO system and tank to fill up the space under your sink, this may appeal to you.

Even though this system is not available with a UV filtration stage, Waterdrop does not think it is necessary.  The seven filtration stages and its tankless design effectively remove any microorganisms that may be present.  Waterdrop believes that the storage tank included with most systems is actually a breeding ground for bacteria and that removing it gives you safer water.

Waterdrop installs a leak detector into the case by default, and most other systems don’t include one.  If there ever was a leak, the detector will alert you before it can become an issue.

The Waterdrop makes filter installation and changes super simple.  The three filters of different sizes slide right into the front of the system case.  There is also no need for any tools when replacing the filters – you simply twist and pull the old filter out, push the new filter in, and twist it to lock.  They claim it only takes 3 seconds to replace each filter!

As for filter replacement (see below for links to replacement filters):

  • The pre-sediment filter should be replaced once every 6 months and is very reasonably priced
  • The carbon post filter should be replaced once every year and is very reasonably priced
  • The reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced only once every two years

Finally, this system does require power to operate, so be sure you have a standard 110V outlet available.

Here are pictures from our test installation.  Click on any image to view larger with captions.


The Waterdrop G3 is one of the most efficient systems available since it creates only about 1 gallon of waste water for every gallon of pure water produced (1:1 ratio).

This amount of water waste can vary depending on the pressure of the water entering the system.  The higher the input pressure, the less water wasted. Wastewater is created because reverse osmosis systems use pre-filtered water to clean the filter membranes.

However, the integrated pump included with the Waterdrop increases the pressure and helps to both reduce waste and increase efficiency.

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Ease of Installation

The Waterdrop G3 system is designed to be installed by anyone with rudimentary DIY skills.  A professional plumber is not needed for installation.

In fact, of all of the systems we have tested, the Waterdrop G3 system is THE EASIEST system to install and maintain!

Waterdrop G3 RO System Parts List

The only potentially difficult part of the whole installation is drilling a hole in the sink or countertop for the filtered water faucet. This may not be necessary if a hole already exists for a hand sprayer, soap dispenser, or is available with a blank cover.

While this is a very complete system, check out our list of the best reverse osmosis accessories for some items to consider with your new reverse osmosis system.

The full instructions and owner’s manual cover how to install the system and Waterdrop recommends watching their installation video on YouTube.

Waterdrop G3 Pros

  • Easiest installation of any RO system
  • Integrated feedback systems let you know the status of filters and your water
  • 400 gallons of pure water output per day
  • Integrated pump increases efficiency and decreases waste
  • Easy filter design – you can’t mess up the filter installation
  • NSF/ANSI 58 certified for TDS Reduction
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Waterdrop G3 Cons

  • More expensive than most competing systems
  • Flow from faucet is not the fastest
  • A connection to the refrigerator will low water pressure. A stop valve can help with this.

Visit our reviews of the best undersink reverse osmosis systems to compare the Waterdrop G3 with the competition.


The Waterdrop G3 is a new option but definitely worth looking at.

While it carries a premium price, it also has some of the most high-tech features we’ve seen.

It is highly rated and growing in popularity because it:

  • Wastes very little water
  • Has VERY high daily output
  • Includes a pump, leak detector, and real-time TDS meter
  • Smart faucet shows status of filters
  • Has long filter life
  • Is super easy to install and maintain

Finally, Waterdrop is providing free gifts with the purchase of this system!

Select either a refrigerator connection kit or water pitcher to keep in the fridge when you register your Waterdrop RO system.

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Waterdrop G3 RO Replacement filters

Waterdrop G3 RO Membrane Filter
Waterdrop G3 RO Membrane Filter

You can refer back here to order replacement filters as necessary.  It may help to order your first pre-sediment filter now so you are ready in six months.

The Waterdrop G3 system will show a yellow light on the both the front panel of the system and on the faucet when a filter is nearing its end of life. That is the time to come back here and order the necessary replacement filter.

When the light for that filter and on the faucet turns red, it is time to install the new filter.

Waterdrop G2 Reverse Osmosis System

Waterdrop G2 RO System in White

Waterdrop makes a smaller system called the G2 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System.

It is meant for smaller homes that filter less water, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful.

Here are some of the features:

  • Tankless design ensures the safety of your drinking water and saves over 70% under-sink storage space
  • Fast water flow rate of 400 GPD, saving over 60% of water and resulting in a 1:1 drain ratio.
  • Composite integrated filters result in more effective filtration.
  • The advanced integrated design of the electrical and water circuits reduces leakage.
  • Costs almost 50% less than the larger G3 RO system
  • Available in both black and white colors
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