Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Under Sink RO System Review

In our Home Master TMHP RO System review you will see exactly why this is one of the most popular and well regarded reverse osmosis (RO) systems available today. One of the concerns many people have with RO systems is not so much the initial cost of the equipment as much as the ongoing running costs in terms of water that is wasted. As much as 4 gallons of water is wasted (with some systems with a poor standard initial water supply this can be as much as 20 gallons!) for every 1 gallon that comes out of your tap. With this system the ratio is a low as only 1 gallon wasted for 1 gallon of clean drinking water.

The system removes 98% of the solids, chemicals and metals in the water, while the UV light kills off 99.9% of microorganisms.

Some people notice an unusual taste from water from other RO systems, this is because that in removing all the impurities, all the mineral content is also removed. This removal leaves the water slightly acidic and sterile tasting. With their patented ‘Full Contact’ system, Home Master pass the treated water through a remineralization filter twice, this restores a slightly alkaline pH value of the water and adds natural minerals to give it a great taste.

An upgrade to the system has increased the size of the piping supplied. This larger bore piping increases the flow rates of water through the dedicated pure water faucet. Adaptors are available to link the treated water direct to your refrigerator drinking water system if required.

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Filtration System

The TMHP system has a modular filter design. This modular system makes the change of the filter elements easier. Each of the filter elements is contained in its own housing, which is changed with the filter. This removes a problem that used to occur when the filter was an element contained within a housing. Even though the filter was replaced, some of the debris that had been removed by the filter remained in the housing. This reduced the life of the filter and at the same time damaged the housing. There is no need for any tools when replacing the filter elements, you simply pull the old one and push in the new filter.

Water Efficiency

This is a very efficient RO system with a ratio of waste to pure water of 1:1. Much of the water that is wasted with RO systems is through using water, that is then wasted, to back flush and clean the filters. The TMHP system comes complete with a non-electric pump that increases the water pressure and cleans the waste much more efficiently. This reduces the waste water to 1 gallon of waste to every gallon of pure water produced. The pump also increases the volume of pure water produced by up to 50%

Ease of Installation 4.6/5

This system is designed to be fitted by anyone with rudimentary DIY skills or using the services of a handyman, a professional plumber is not needed to install this kit. Possibly the most difficult part of the whole installation is drilling a hole in the sink top for the pure water faucet. This may not always be necessary as there may be a blanked off hole already there or, if you have one, you could use the spray hole.

The full installation instructions and owner’s manual (found here) does go into great detail about how to connect the feed pipes and drainage pipes over 7 pages, but it is one of those things that is more difficult to explain than it is to do.

Home Master have made a series of 6 videos that show an installation, and it is easier to take a look at these videos before commencing the installation. This is a very good example of a picture being worth a thousand words. It is well worth spending a few moments watching the videos, as they make sense of instructions in the manual as ‘hand tighten’. The videos show exactly what is meant by that.

Video 1 – Introduction

Video 2 – Faucet installation

Video 3 – Fitting the feed water adaptor

Video 4 – Fitting the drain saddle

At this point, the installation of the permeate pump is not included in the video instructions, check out section 3a of the instruction manual for details.

Video 5 – Mounting the RO unit

Take note of the need to have enough room to remove the unit for annual maintenance.

Video 6 – Final assembly and starting the unit up

Again, the video does not include instructions for the UV unit, see section 8 of the instruction manual for details.


Pure water output per day – 75 gallons

Filter life – 2,000 gallons or 1 year

Removes up to 98% of dissolved solids, chemicals & metals – click this link for details

Modular filter design – filter and filter container are one, pull-out, push-in, unit

Removes Iron

Kills off microorganisms using UV light

Full Contact Technology to re-mineralize water

Non-acidic water produced reduces storage tank degradation

Waste water to pure water ratio 1:1

5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


Some users have commented on the quality of the faucet, however, Home Master have recently upgraded this to a chrome faucet to solve this problem

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Conclusion 4.8/5

When carrying out our Home Master TMHP RO System review we found a great deal of positives about the whole system. This is a high quality system that comes complete with many items that would need to be bought separately to get the best quality water. The included permeate pump saves a great deal of wasted water. Increasing the size of the feed tubing increases the flow of pure water so that a cup fills very quickly. The re-mineralizing of the water improves the taste while at the same time removes the acidity and the UV lamp kills off microorganisms. Home Master have a very proactive customer support and even have made videos to show individual customers how to solve their individual query. If you are serious about wanting good quality, good tasting drinking water then this system is well worth considering.

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